Blackberry Bold 9700 Officially Announced, Set To Launch Globally In November

If you’re looking to upgrade your Blackberry Bold with a new mobile OS, better hardware and a nicer design, you may want to consider next months release of the Blackberry Bold 9700.

The 9700 upgrades the original devices camera to a nicer, abeit still low end 3.2 megapixel offering, while also offering better screen resolutions of 480 x 360 and the new Blackberry OS 5.0.

The trackball has also been replaced with an optical trackpad which gives the device a smoother all around look.

The device will also ship with two 3G varieties, the 900 / 1700 / 2100MHz version for most of the world and the 800, 850 and 2100MHz version for most North American carriers.