Post: The Great Gatsby Trailer, More Glitz, Glamour and Leonardo DiCaprio

The trailer begins with DiCaprio, who stars as the titular social climber Jay Gatsby, telling Nick Carraway his life story. With a little help from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s No Church in the Wild, it turns into quite the epic tale of money, power and war.

Flash forward to the 1920s and Gatsby is the talk of West Egg, driving around in his yellow roadster and falling in love with a married woman, Daisy. But as any F. Scott Fitzgerald aficionado knows, pretty people have problems too.

By the time Florence the Machine’s Bedroom Hymns starts to pound in the background, the trailer has taken on a dangerous tone. Gatsby’s natatorium isn’t exactly a happy place.

As for former lovers Gatsby and Daisy, their scandalous affair heats up in the third act of the trailer. Their romance is accompanied by an extra creepy version of the Turtles’ Happy Together, which only foreshadows the heartbreak that’s to come.