Report: Lionel Messi loses his cool when asked about Argentina's failures in finals

Barcelona and Argentine superstar Lionel Messi has bombarded his critics in a way he has never done before. He defended his stand on not singing the national anthem before the start of any match and also lashed out at the people who feel Argentina have reached two major finals just because of luck.

"I get annoyed when they tell us put in more effort, you don't feel the shirt. We were lucky enough to get to the final of the World Cup and the Copa America and it seems like we didn't do anything. We got to two finals," he fired in an interview with TyC Sports . "We didn't win, what can you do, but we got to the final, we didn't lose in the last-16.

"Football is not just about effort. We had bad times in the national team for what we experienced. We lost the final of the World Cup against Germany who have great players and we had great chances to win it. With Chile it was the same and we lost on penalties," the four time World Player of the Year added.

The Barcelona marksman felt that he shouldn't be bashed fotr not singing the national anthem of Argentina during a match. "I get annoyed by the people who attack you without thinking. I won't sing the national anthem on purpose. I don't need to sing it to feel it," he explained. "It reaches me, every person feels it in their own way. The Pumas cry, they feel it differently and that's ok."